1st World Forum for Nutrition Research: Mediterranean Food on Health and Disease

November 5, 2012

The first world forum for Nutrition research is being organized in Reus, Spain, on May 21-12 2013. The theme of the forum is Mediterranean food on health and disease and it is expected to attract the attention for many nutrition and diet professionals from all around the world.

Mediterranean Diet is on the focus now more than the ever due to the studies done around the healthy benefits of the Mediterranean food and the way the diet helps in the fight against diseases. The forum will give the opportunity to professionals and scientists to present their research and findings in relation to the Mediterranean diet and selected Mediterranean food and how these benefit our health.

There will be many scientists and professionals from all around the world who will come to present their original findings and results in plenary sessions and in other topic related sessions or discussions.

The World forum, which is the first of its kind, will be the umbrella of three world class events closely related to the Mediterranean diet and Mediterranean foods. The first event is the International Congress of Nutrition, the second is World Congress on Nuts and dried fruits and the third is the International Congress on Mediterranean Diet.

There are many hot topics which will be covered by the Forum. Some of these are:

  • Weight loss with the Mediterranean Diet
  • Fruits, Vegetables and Cancer
  • Olive oil in Health and disease
  • Mediterranean Diet and the financial crisis
  • History of the Mediterranean Diet
  • Mediterranean Diet and Lifestyles
  • There will also be within the Forum several discussions and debates like:
  • Fish and Omega 3 – Pros and Cons
  • Frying for cooking – Pros and Cons
1st World Forum for Nutrition Research Mediterranean Food on Health and Disease

1st World Forum for Nutrition Research Mediterranean Food on Health and Disease

In one special session the team involve in the PREDIMED study will present their findings. The PREDIMED study is the study done by various scientists about the Mediterranean diet and its relation to cardiovascular disease.

All abstracts for the papers to be submitted should be sent by January 20th 2013.

Within the Forum framework there will be an exhibition place where exhibitors can exhibit related products such as Olive oil, dried fruits and nuts, pasta and other related Mediterranean foods.

Finally it should be noted that Reus is the birthplace of the famous architect Gaudi and visitors will have the opportunity to visit the Gaudi center.

We believe that this 1st World Forum for Nutrition research will shed much light on the benefits of the Mediterranean Diet and perhaps will be the spark needed to bring the Mediterranean Diet to the place it deserves to be and become the diet of choice since it is not a restrictive diet but a way of living.

Andrea Aurelio
About the author

Andrea Aurelio adopted the Mediterranean diet and the Mediterranean way of living after evaluating a series of diets and realizing that the Mediterranean diet is a proven diet and the best way to adopt a healthy lifestyle. You can connect with him on Google+, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

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