March 2011

Mediterranean diet against Alzheimer

March 26, 2011
mediterranean diet

Mediterranean diet helps in the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease and it was proven that people, who follow the Mediterranean diet, have a 40% less risk of being attacked by the Alzheimer’s disease. The Mediterranean, Med, diet is characterized by a high content in fish, fruits, legumes, vegetables, monounsaturated fats like olive oil. While at the […]

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Omega-3 rich in Mediterranean foods against blindness

March 21, 2011
mediterranean diet

The phrase “eyes eat fish” said by many nations and in many languages, has a special significance in terms of health, a new U.S. scientific research concludes that people who eat fish, especially oily, containing a lot of omega-3 fatty acids, at least one to two times a week, as dictated in the Mediterranean Diet, […]

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Mediterranean Foods – Maintain the good health of your heart

March 20, 2011
mediterranean food

Omega-3 are polyunsaturated fats, found in fish oils, found in many Mediterranean foods which part of the Mediterranean Diet,  and have beneficial properties for human health. It contributes: to avoid heart disease, reduce blood fat, reduce hypertension (high pressure) to prevent clots, better blood circulation, reduce depression, improve brain function and therefore fewer chance of […]

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Mediterranean Diet Vs Kushi Diet

March 19, 2011
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There hardly could be a person in this world who does not know what the Mediterranean diet is. Even a small child who has basic knowledge of geography may easily predict that it is possibly an eating pattern of the natives who live close to the Mediterranean Sea. Surely they will hit the right track. […]

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Whole Grain pasta, Cholesterol and the Heart Health

March 16, 2011
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Maintaining a normal blood cholesterol levels is a prerequisite for preventing atherosclerosis. Preventing atherosclerosis may prevent your attack from coronary heart disease responsible for angina, heart attack or myocardial infarction and heart failure. We should welcome any tool or intake that reduces blood LDL bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol LDL to achieve and maintain […]

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Med diet can boost performance for athletes

March 13, 2011
Mediterranean diet can boost performance of Athletes

According to the recent studies fantastic achievements and brilliant results in the career of athletes are closely related with the food they consume. The athletes spend the better part of the day on training and exercising consequently losing a great deal of the energy produced by the body. What is the source of this energy? […]

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A healthy diet for soccer players

March 12, 2011
Mediterranean diet a healthy diet for soccer players

Day after day, the fame of the soccer is expanding and we will see how the Mediterranean diet pays its role in soccer and how the Mediterranean foods help soccer players.  Matches are available on the radio and TV 24 hours a day. There are even dedicated TV channels where you may enjoy soccer news, […]

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Woman’s Day: Mediterranean foods Prevent Breast Cancer

March 8, 2011
Mediterranean Diet Women's day

March 8th it is a tribute to the woman- the mother, the sister, the friend, the girlfriend and wife – and it is celebrated throughout the world as the woman’s day. In some countries, like the ex Soviet Union countries, it is even a Bank holiday. One of the most common diseases that the women […]

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Mediterranean Diet can reduce your blood cholesterol

March 7, 2011
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Cholesterol is used by the body in many important areas, such as protecting the nerves, the composition of cells and the production of certain hormones. The largest proportion of cholesterol, 80%, required to meet the needs of the human body, is produced in the liver. The remaining 20% comes from the diet. It is better […]

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Religious Fasting and the role of med diet

March 6, 2011
Religious fasting and the role of the Mediterranean Diet

The diet of fasting is parallel to the vegetarian and Mediterranean diets which are well known for their contribution in reducing cardiovascular disease, cancer, cholesterol, etc During fasting it is not permitted to consume foods of animal origin (meat, dairy, eggs). The consumption of fish and olive oil is limited depending on the period of […]

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