April 2012

Mediterranean Beyaz Peynir Dip Recipe

April 22, 2012
Beyaz Peynir Dip Recipe

The Turkish white cheese Beyaz Peynir can be use to make an excellent, healthy and delicious dip in just 10 minutes. The Mediterranean diet recipe that will be provided consists of several Mediterranean diet components. White cheese is in the dairy products category of the Mediterranean diet pyramid and should be taken frequently, 2-3 times […]

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Recipe for Falafel

April 19, 2012
mediterranean diet recipes

The Mediterranean dishes that are made from legumes, vegetables and seafood are so delicious that once they get in your diet they will stay permanently. There are so many dishes and numerous combinations of these – legumes, vegetables and seafood – basic components of the Mediterranean diet that will enable you to have different dishes […]

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The Mediterranean Diet and Mental Health

April 4, 2012
mediterranean diet for mental health

It seems there is no end to the health benefits that can be gained from following a Mediterranean style diet.  Not only has the diet been linked to decrease risk of conditions such as heart disease, Type 2 Diabetes, some cancers, obesity and stroke, but also with improved mental health. The Med diet is based […]

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