October 2012

Watermelon – The refreshing art!

October 29, 2012
watermelon art

Watermelon is not only a fruit for consumption but it is also the fruit of inspiration. Inspired artists with the knife as a tool and the watermelon as the raw material have made miracles using their imagination. They have proven that Mediterranean diet can also be an inspiring diet. We have found and we present […]

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The benefits of Cheese consumption and the Mediterranean Diet

October 28, 2012
white cheese

The consumption of cheese on a daily basis provides the valuable and necessary quantities of calcium which are necessary for the protection of the bones and prevention of osteoporosis. This is one of the many reasons cheese, and especially white cheese, is part of the Mediterranean Diet. (Med diet in short). White cheese is a […]

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What you should know about: the watermelon, Viagra, your heart and sex.

October 8, 2012
watermelon benefits

The nutritional properties of watermelon, as a fruit, have been identified and recognized many years ago. Watermelon has been a part of the mediterranean diet for thousands of years.  It’s a fruit however, the properties of which are still being discovered. It is only recently that we have identified the correlation between watermelon, our heart, […]

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