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Mediterranean Breakfast or Mediterranean Diet Breakfast

November 27, 2013
mediterranean breakfast

Quite often we are read about the Mediterranean breakfast and then in the next magazine or at the next blog we come across the Mediterranean Diet breakfast and we are trying to understand the difference. Is there are difference? Yes and No. It all depends which way you look at it. We will try to […]

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Who should follow the Mediterranean diet?

November 18, 2013
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The answer to the question, ‘’Who should follow the Mediterranean diet?’’ is: Everyone. Every single person should follow a healthy diet so that he or she would be healthy in body and in mind. You should remember that you do not follow a diet because it is a fashion or because you want to lose […]

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Did you know that olives and olive oil fight cancer?

November 11, 2013
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Australia shows the way to fight cancer with the Mediterranean Diet, how? We have repeatedly mentioned in many of our posts that consumption of olive oil creates a protection shield against many diseases among which it is cancer. Olive oil and olives are among the foods which can and should be consumed daily in one […]

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What do you expect to find in a Mediterranean diet grocery list?

November 4, 2013
med diet shopping list

What do you expect to find in a Mediterranean diet grocery list? This is not a question which is of concern to the Mediterranean diet followers! Med diet followers know that when they go to the grocery shop they will shop fresh and healthy products which will enable them to cook their favourite Mediterranean foods […]

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Do you know these vegetables and fruits of the Season?

October 28, 2013
season vegetables

Which are the fresh fruits and vegetables of autumn? What can they offer us and how can we introduce them in our daily food consumption? As we all know the Mediterranean Diet is rich in vegetables and fruits. In fact vegetables and fruits are in the ‘’most frequent consumption step’’ of the Mediterranean Diet pyramid. […]

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How can the whole family adopt the Mediterranean diet?

October 22, 2013
med diet for the family

The Mediterranean Diet is not a diet to follow but a way of living one would adopt and a way of living that once is adopted it will lead us into a healthy life. Who wouldn’t like to be healthy? And who wouldn’t like to see his or her family live a healthy life? If […]

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Mediterranean Diet tips for Seniors

October 14, 2013
med diet seniors

Do senior people need a special kind of diet? Is any kind of diet good for them? We know that usually the older you get the more are the chances you will be suffering from some kind of a disease whether this would be diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, arthritis, osteoporosis or the Parkinson’s disease. So this […]

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How the Halloumi conquered the UK

October 7, 2013
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There was a recent article on the BBC webpage about Halloumi and how this special kind of white cheese has conquered the United Kingdom. As it is reported the well-known Halloumi cheese had passed beyond the point of being an ethnic food and it is now considered to be a basic component of the English […]

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Is The Mediterranean or DASH Diet Healthier?

September 30, 2013
dash diet vs mediterranean diet

When it comes to diets which are considered to be healthy by experts, it is no surprise that two of the top contenders are balanced, nutritious diets containing a healthy variety of foods from all the food groups.  Whilst numerous fad diets may be successful ways to lose weight, when it comes to overall health, […]

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5 things you don’t know about the Mediterranean diet

September 22, 2013
mediterranean diet facts

Usually in an article we list the things one should know or are known about the subject we are writing. In this article we will list 5 things we may not know about the Mediterranean Diet. Mediterranean diet is a way of living for millions of people around the world and it is the diet […]

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Mediterranean Diet & Greek yogurt: the recipe for good health

April 28, 2013
greek yogurt

When you follow the Mediterranean Diet you are basically adopting a way of living, a healthy way of living. One of the basic components of the Mediterranean diet is Greek Yogurt. Healthy eating is one of the two pillars of the Mediterranean diet. The second pillar is physical exercise and the two pillars go along […]

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Greek Yogurt Nutrition Facts

April 14, 2013
greek yogurt with honey

Greek Yogurt is in the news almost every day. You read about the Greek Yogurt brands, what real Greek yogurt is and what not and about the Greek yogurt Nutrition facts. The fact is that Greek Yogurt is in our lives and it is a healthy meal which is off course is part of the […]

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Greek Yogurt Brands

March 16, 2013
greek yogurt brands

Greek yogurt is one the hottest trends in the grocery stores right now and because it is so popular every brand name is getting on the Greek yogurt game. In parallel to this Mediterranean Diet has been reported by several studies that it is probably the healthiest diet of all the diets. Yogurt is one […]

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