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Healthy finger foods the Mediterranean style

November 22, 2012
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Fine ingredients make fine food and all the Mediterranean Diet chefs pride themselves on using the best for every dish they serve, even when it comes to something simple as a sandwich or any other finger food. Whether it’s for a quick but satisfying snack or a lavish buffet of delicate foods, everything is chosen […]

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Watermelon – The refreshing art!

October 29, 2012
watermelon art

Watermelon is not only a fruit for consumption but it is also the fruit of inspiration. Inspired artists with the knife as a tool and the watermelon as the raw material have made miracles using their imagination. They have proven that Mediterranean diet can also be an inspiring diet. We have found and we present […]

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The benefits of Cheese consumption and the Mediterranean Diet

October 28, 2012
white cheese

The consumption of cheese on a daily basis provides the valuable and necessary quantities of calcium which are necessary for the protection of the bones and prevention of osteoporosis. This is one of the many reasons cheese, and especially white cheese, is part of the Mediterranean Diet. (Med diet in short). White cheese is a […]

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What you should know about: the watermelon, Viagra, your heart and sex.

October 8, 2012
watermelon benefits

The nutritional properties of watermelon, as a fruit, have been identified and recognized many years ago. Watermelon has been a part of the mediterranean diet for thousands of years.  It’s a fruit however, the properties of which are still being discovered. It is only recently that we have identified the correlation between watermelon, our heart, […]

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Watermelon and its Nutritional Properties

August 26, 2012

Watermelon is one of the fruits of the summer and one of the fruits of the Mediterranean diet. Everywhere you go in the Mediterranean you will see watermelons being sold in fruit markets and been served in restaurants as breakfast, lunch and dinner as part of the Mediterranean cuisine. Watermelon is a delicious fruit with […]

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Tips for your Summer Diet

August 10, 2012
summer diet tips

Summer is the ideal period for someone to begin his/hers weight loss diet. If we take advantage of the leisurely pace of the summer, the good time we usually have during the summer and the absence of psychological pressure due to our summer holidays we can achieve to lose some weight by following some simple […]

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The Sun protection properties of the Mediterranean Diet Foods

July 24, 2012
sun protection foods

We all know that the Mediterranean Sea and all the countries surrounding it have long and hot summers with high degree of sunshine. The diet of the Mediterranean nations, the Mediterranean diet, has been such that offered the people the necessary sun protection. The Mediterranean diet involves such foods that can protect effectively our skin […]

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Cherries and their supernatural properties – our allies for weight loss

July 16, 2012

The beautiful, refreshing, delicious and above all beneficial for our body, cherries are rich in nutritional elements. They are rich in metal salts, fiber, Vitamin A, B and C, calcium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium and copper. The cherries have strong antioxidant and laxative action while at the same anthocyanin, which gives them their red color, has […]

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The Top Ten Cuisines and their common Mediterranean Diet components

July 4, 2012
top cuisines

Food is undisputedly one of the greatest pleasures in life, a pleasure which stipulates all the senses in one or the other way. It may be that our ancestors were mere hunters who hunt for food and their choices for food were limited and restricted but in our days the choices are virtually unlimited as […]

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The role of the Diet for the prevention of Cancer

June 6, 2012
med diet and cancer prevention

The role of the diet is important and catalytic for the prevention of any disease and cancer is no exception. We have to remember that by diet we mean the way of living and not just the food we eat. Mediterranean diet is one of those diets that help in the prevention of cancer as […]

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Pomegranate in the Diet – Facts and Figures

May 16, 2012
pomegranate in med diet

Pomegranate is a fruit that is part of many diets, since many diets contain fruits, and the Mediterranean diet is no exception. It is a fruit that is used in the Mediterranean cuisine and a fruit whose juice is extremely healthy and protects us against many diseases. The name Pomegranate comes from the Latin language […]

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Best Mediterranean Dishes

May 7, 2012
best Mediterranean disjes

It would be very difficult to find the best Mediterranean diet culinary dishes since ‘’best’’ is subjective and varies with each one’s criteria. One thing for sure is that the Mediterranean diet so rich and so diverse that can satisfy the most difficult follower. The med diet culinary dishes vary in size, taste, texture and […]

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The Mediterranean Diet and Mental Health

April 4, 2012
mediterranean diet for mental health

It seems there is no end to the health benefits that can be gained from following a Mediterranean style diet.  Not only has the diet been linked to decrease risk of conditions such as heart disease, Type 2 Diabetes, some cancers, obesity and stroke, but also with improved mental health. The Med diet is based […]

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