Greek Yogurt at President Barack Obama’s inaugural breakfast

January 14, 2013

Greek yogurt will be served during the inaugural breakfast for all the guests who will attend President Obama’s inauguration! Greek yogurt from upstate New York will be on the table for all guests as part of the healthy eating campaign which has been undertaken by First Lady Michelle Obama.

Greek Yogurt part of the inaugural Breakfast

obamaThe US President Barack Obama seems to be lover of Greek yogurt following the recent trend which made Greek Yogurt popular among people who follow a healthy diet especially in the US. It should be noted that Greek yogurt is part of the healthy Mediterranean diet which is the diet of the Mediterranean people for thousands of years.

According to the Times Union newspaper, Greek yogurt will have a predominant role on the breakfast table which will be served the day of the inauguration for the second term of the US President.

Plain and Vanilla flavored Greek Yogurt will be served with fruits like strawberries, pineapples and pears making it a really healthy breakfast and a truly Mediterranean diet breakfast.

It has been announced that Greek yogurt will be available for breakfast for all guests and their families throughout the capitol at all hours till the day of the inauguration on Monday January 21st.

Michelle Obama honored by Italy’s Mediterranean Diet

It is worth noting that the Obama family – thanks largely to the efforts of the First Lady – follows a healthy diet with fruits and vegetables, despite of the evident love the American President has for the so-called junk food.  First Lady Michelle Obama has been honoured by Italy’s Mediterranean Diet on May 25th 2012 for her contribution to healthy eating and the promotion of a healthy diet.

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