Learn about the role of Juice in your Healthy Mediterranean Diet

January 20, 2014

Juices bring the freshness and healthiness of nature in our glass! Juices are not just for breakfast! We can make fresh and healthy, full of vitamins and other nutrients, juices every day from seasonal fruits so that we will enjoy them with our meals as a refreshing drink. Fresh juices are part of the Mediterranean Diet and they are found in the high-frequency step of the Mediterranean Diet pyramid and they are probably the healthiest option for athletes and all those who exercise daily.


Fresh Juices from fresh seasonal fruits have an important and leading role in our today’s healthy diet due to the fact that they are full of vitamins. Due to this valuable dietary importance, juices are the ally of our body’s health. You can enjoy juices daily and frequently as dictated by the Mediterranean diet pyramid. Below we will give you 10 dietary tips for you to maintain good health.

Weight Loss: In order for you to lose weight you must have healthy and well balanced meals. You need to eat a variety of meals and foods in order to give to your body the necessary vitamins and other nutrients which are needed for the daily activities depending on the stage of growth and age you are in. The frequency of each food, Mediterranean food, is given by the Mediterranean diet pyramid. The Med diet pyramid states that you should eat at least 2 fresh fruits or one glass of fresh juice in between meals. Make sure that your meals are complete in proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, fibers and other necessary elements.

Diet Plan: You should adjust your weekly or monthly meal plan based on your daily life rather than adjust your daily activities around a diet plan. It is the only way to make sure that you follow the diet plan when it is based on personal routine and activities and around your working hours and breaks. You should follow the basic rule, the rule of frequent and balanced meals. In your weekly diet plan you should make sure that you include fresh fruits and fresh juices in order to have nature as your ally so as to ensure and maintain wellness and health.

Fresh Juices and fruits: Fresh fruits and juices have a leading role in the Mediterranean diet because they contain the necessary vitamins needed for our body. Due to their important nutritional value, fresh juices constitute the natural ally of our health. They are the best choice for athletes and all those who take exercising seriously. As we know Mediterranean diet is not complete without frequent physical exercise, Mediterranean diet and physical are paired.

Eating habits: We all know that the ‘’fullness signal’’ arrives from our stomach to the brain about 10 minutes, some say 20 minutes, later than the time our stomach is full. This means that if we eat fast we will eat a lot of food which is not necessary for us and which will most probably be added/stored as fat in our body leading to an overweight and obese body. We should therefore eat slowly so that we will give the chance to the right signals to be given to brain. We should devote 10 minutes of our rest time to our meal time so that we will enjoy the meal and thus establish the right eating habits. Chew well each bite, enjoy the taste of the food, its aroma and color and drink your glass of wine, it is part of the Mediterranean diet, slowly. If you cannot drink wine, drink a healthy juice. Mediterranean diet is also about socializing during a meal.

Fruits and Vegetables:  If you are not currently following the Mediterranean Diet then we suggest you add at least one fruit or vegetable in every meal. This can be the good beginning for a balanced and healthy diet which will be the first step towards the full adoption of the Mediterranean diet. Make sure that fruits and vegetables are at a place you can have easy access, whether these are in your refrigerator or on your kitchen table. Slowly and gradually add one more vegetable in your meals. You may also try to make a combination of mixed juices from fruits and vegetables, so that you would take advantage of the nutritional benefits of both, fruits and vegetables.

Orange juice: Oranges are rich in Vitamin C, folic acid, potassium, selenium, fibers, carotene-b, iron, phosphorus, manganese, sodium, chlorine and Zinc. A glass of freshly squeezed orange juice is an ideal component of the Mediterranean diet breakfast. It offers to your body the necessary energy so that it would cope with the day’s demands while at the same time it provides a significant amount of the vitamins needed for your daily needs.

Exercise: Half an hour of aerobic exercise or 10,000 steps on a daily basis are considered enough for the maintenance of good healthy and to keep the weight of the body at normal levels. We can accomplish everything and anything we want by taking simple and concrete steps as long as we love our selves and take care of them as deserved. Our dietary habits are daily food consumption is the medicine to our body.

Nourishing ingredients: In certain periods of fasting or a periods of limited food consumption, the needs for the consumption of nourishing ingredients increases. Fresh juices which are rich in vitamins and other traces, offer instant energy to your body while they also cover a significant percentage of the body needs in liquids. You should not forget that 50% of each glass of juice is pure liquid contribution to the body’s needs

Vacations: During vacations we enjoy several drinks such as grenadines, smoothies and many others which contain a lot of calories due to the fact that these drinks contain high levels of sugar or alcohol. It would be better for us and our body to consume such drinks occasionally and as rare as possible. When on vacation we should include in our drinks, water and fresh mixed juices. Mixed juices contain the nutritional benefits of more than one fruits. The various combinations of fruits in the preparation of juices ensure a greater variety of nutritional components, such as Vitamins and antioxidants.

Healthy way of living: Regular exercise or regular participation in physical activities and exercise classes will enable the consumption of many calories on a daily level and thus increase your body’s metabolism while at the same time promote your health in general. We always start our exercises in small steps and we continue by increasing the weekly exercise time until we reach to a sustainable and affordable level. You need to remember that while you exercise you need to consume a lot of liquids in order to maintain the right liquid balance in your body so as to avoid dehydration which may affect your performance.

It is important to note that whichever diet you decide to adopt, fresh juices should be part of it. They are healthy and refreshing and they contribute to the healthiness of the body and mind. The people of the Mediterranean Sea have recognized the benefits of juices and they have not only adopted them as part of their diet, the Mediterranean Diet, but they have ensured that they are one of their daily and most frequent Mediterranean foods and drinks.

Andrea Aurelio
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Andrea Aurelio adopted the Mediterranean diet and the Mediterranean way of living after evaluating a series of diets and realizing that the Mediterranean diet is a proven diet and the best way to adopt a healthy lifestyle. You can connect with him on Google+, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

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