Mediterranean Diet – A heart healthy diet

February 28, 2011

A heart is a key organ of our body. It is compared with the engine that breathes life into the tiniest cells of a huge facility called human. It is running without a single second of repose. It is delivering blood saturated with oxygen, nutrients, vitamins, hormones, etc. and withdraws all the metabolic wastes, toxic substances and processed oxygen, i.e. dioxide out of the body. This is the reason it needs a heart healthy diet, the Mediterranean diet.

Mediterranean diet components

The heart is a part of the cardiovascular system and the main chain of the blood circulation process. Despite being a considerably small part of the body a heart certainly works with enormous intensity and force. It has no pity to itself because it realizes the responsibility laid on it. Thus, every individual must have it in mind and endeavor to prolong the life time of the heart, keep it fit and strong. In our body everything is correlated and balanced. If we shift the equilibrium, a negative impact is caused to every particle of this mechanism. This time we will speak of the affect to the heart.

Primarily the well being of the heart depends on the food we eat, because the blood enriched with all the products digested passes through the heart itself and in case the concentration of the harmful elements is too high, it is very difficult to get rid of all of them naturally. That’s why they are accumulating on the organs, in our case the heart. Having a high level of cholesterol the blood becomes dense, the speed of its circulation drops, clots grow on the way of the blood and in a while they block access to the blood which ends with a heart attack. The heart attack and many other cardiovascular diseases could be prevented and never happen only if to take a great care of the health condition, nutrition and life style generally.

Nowadays people mostly eat unhealthy food with saturated fats, drink beverages with excessive quantity of glucose which easily transforms into fats. Lately physical activity of people has fallen down. A sedentary lifestyle is a usual thing now. Reviewing the statistics of heart attack rate, scientists and health professionals studied this phenomenon and concluded that there exists a diet which may improve the situation. This diet has not recently emerged and its name is Mediterranean, Med, diet. The Med diet focuses not only on losing weight and becoming fit. It also takes into account a particular regimen which protects our heart from various problems and allows us to avoid heart attack. The Mediterranean diet plan is distinguished among the other plans for its main and beneficial components: foods rich in fiber and healthy fat sources. Fiber allows stabilizing and maintaining levels of cholesterol and glucose which is vitally important for the quality of the blood.

By adjusting the eating culture to the Mediterranean pattern the risk of clots growing will be reduced and eliminated atall. The secret is in the Med diet’s unique feature: no saturated fats. The leading source of energy is mono saturated fats. The prominent example of this sort of fats is olive oil rich in antioxidants like Viamine E. The olive oil is a wonderful substitute of butter, margarine, lark and other animal fats which forms hills of troubles to the heart.

Additionally this diet implies consumption of a large number of vegetables, fruits, nuts, cereals, beans, bread and noodles made only of whole grain wheat or rye. Fish, sea fruits, eggs, cheese, white meat and poultry are welcome on the table however in moderation. It also promotes drinking of red wine famous for its beneficial health features.

Attention! Only if consumed by the formula: a glass a day.

Every individual has the right to choose its own lifestyle; the most important is to make correct decision at a good time. If you have opted to live a long life with a healthy and strong heart, indulge yourself with delicious and healthy food of the Med diet. Soon you will notice how much extra energy you have and what a zeal for exercise there is inside you.

The Mediterranean diet is the perfect plan for those who appreciate the time and the life quality.

Andrea Aurelio
About the author

Andrea Aurelio adopted the Mediterranean diet and the Mediterranean way of living after evaluating a series of diets and realizing that the Mediterranean diet is a proven diet and the best way to adopt a healthy lifestyle. You can connect with him on Google+, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

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