A healthy diet for soccer players

March 12, 2011

Day after day, the fame of the soccer is expanding and we will see how the Mediterranean diet pays its role in soccer and how the Mediterranean foods help soccer players.  Matches are available on the radio and TV 24 hours a day.

There are even dedicated TV channels where you may enjoy soccer news, matches, etc. non-stop. More and more people are engaging into this sport and soon turn into devoted fans. Some continue staying just fans while others do not want just watch they also act. They create soccer teams, have daily trainings, regular local matches and if they are lucky, gifted and skilful – a great future is waiting for them ahead. They may repeat the destiny of Pele, Beckham, Ronaldo, etc.

Anyone would like to have the success of those outstanding and famous soccer players but hardly someone realizes what a tremendous effort and strong will stands behind such a success. To climb up the peak of the glory there are many things you must sacrifice. Among them is abundant free time, because workouts, training sessions and preparatory matches gulp the better part of the daytime.

Personal life is the next one. If you once opted for a professional sport your life is no longer yours, it is captured by those people who coordinate your regimen. And another delightful and very seductive thing is food. It is one of the pleasures the human body. However the soccer player must be very cautious with the stuff he takes in. The food for them is primary fuel to maintain physical activity for long duration. It is mandatory a soccer player’s meal to contain an appropriate portion of carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, minerals and water which is of vital importance.

This is where the Mediterranean diet comes in. It is essential a player’s diet to consist of a high portion of carbohydrates. Carbohydrate is a leading source of energy, it helps your muscles to recover easier and quicker to keep you fit and active for longer. Protein is the main generator of tissues, i.e. muscles, and muscles are the basis of a sportsman’s victory. Vitamins and minerals are the foundation of the human healthy life especially the human who spends hours on the play field. Shortly the diet of the soccer player must be healthy, balanced and delicious. Taste is a weighty feature of the food, because if a person has a pleasing meal, the benefits of such intake doubles and triples.

A healthy diet for soccer players 2

Which of the contemporary diets may offer such a fusion? The most well-known healthy, fit, favorable diet which smoothly combines fine taste perceptions and benefits for well being and shape is Mediterranean diet. The Mediterranean diet is the sea in which the food diver (in our case a soccer player) finds all the nutrients its body may require. If we compare those nutrients, vitamins and minerals a soccer player must have in the meal and the foods used in the Mediterranean eating pattern, we will discover an impeccable compliance. Let’s illustrate to be more reassuring.

Well, to show efficiency and endurance, a player needs a good deal of energy delivered by carbohydrates. The Med diet has an impressive stock of complex carbohydrates which for higher nutritional value and additional content of vitamins, minerals and fiber are more preferred. Example of carbohydrate foods is cereals, beans, whole grain bread, pasta, potato, fruits and vegetables.

The Mediterranean diet bears the name of the sea that washes out the countries of its origin. The sea definitely is rich for fish, that’s why fish is not an odd thing in the Mediterranean meal. It means that proteins also score points in favor of the Mediterranean diet. Besides fish, you may enjoy a moderate quantity of cheese, yogurt, white meat, beans, pulses, etc. As for the vitamins all the readers understand that in the countries where the sun is almost all year round, fresh and fragrant fruits and vegetables are routine.

The Mediterranean diet is a wonderful match for a soccer player’s regimen. It supplies a sportsman’s body with the right stuff to have a torrent of energy and show the brilliant performance at the ordinary and crucial matches.

Andrea Aurelio
About the author

Andrea Aurelio adopted the Mediterranean diet and the Mediterranean way of living after evaluating a series of diets and realizing that the Mediterranean diet is a proven diet and the best way to adopt a healthy lifestyle. You can connect with him on Google+, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

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