World Cancer Day: The Mediterranean Diet against Cancer

February 4, 2011

A new life is pursued by a new danger. Straight after a newly born creature comes to this universe it fights to survive, to be strong and to be protected with a solid and unbreakable immune system. Such is the dogma of the evolution: the strongest will survive. It appeared that together with benign elements, malign ones evolve as well. The more people protect their well being, the more the diseases attack them. The illnesses become more sophisticated, uncontrollable and hard to be cured. Each era, each generation suffered and perished from a certain malady.

We know the periods in the history of the humanity that were stabbed with an “unmerciful sward”: plaque, cholera, tuberculosis, etc. Nowadays, contemporary environment developed perfect grounds for such a disease as cancer; despite it exists for millions of ages. First evidences of this disease were noticed in the times of the Roman Empire by Galen when he saw the crablike form of the cancerous tumor. Then he had no technical possibility to know the true causes of the cancer while we today know quite a lot about it. To our pity, more and more people get such a diagnosis, fight it off, or pass away after decisive attempts to battle till the last sigh…

mediterranean diet meal plan

All people are definitely preoccupied with the present state of things. Now and then they get news about the “next victim” of the cruelest cancer. This disease like many others does not choose according to the class, national, cultural or any other position. It has a global scale. Any person may step into a new day being “blown with a knock-down-stroke”… Fortunately, we are not left alone. Medical workers and scientists continuously study a dangerous phenomenon for the sake of the humanity and invent new ways of cancer treatment and primarily prevention. There is well known principle: it is better to prevent then to cure.

In 1982 the World Cancer Research Fund was founded. It has recently published the scientific work Food, Nutrition, Physical Activity and the Prevention of Cancer: a Global Perspective. In this report they correlated the lifestyle of the people which include the food consumption with the possibility to reduce cancer risk. Most of the researchers who dedicate their “brain zeal” to cancer studying state that there is a direct link between the dietary preferences, physically active way of life, normal weight and cancer prevention. The statistics says that around 30-40% of cancers are associated with the diet. Some food produce, may increase your cancer risk meanwhile others instead may inhibit cancer cell growth.

What are these magic products which will contribute to our well being? To get them there is no need to go to the other continent or even further, there is no need to earn a fortune to buy them, everything is much simpler then you have expected. You just need to eat foods of plant origin rich with nutrients, vitamins, mineral and fiber. The crucial issue is that you must consume these foods on a daily basis other than from time to time when you find a time to go to the market or supermarket to buy healthy products. It should become your habit to have enough daily portion of dietary beneficial food. In this matter the Mediterranean diet will rush for the aid. In the world there is no better option for those who are in search of having a fruit-and-vegetable-dense meal.

The Mediterranean eating culture, as it happened, excludes all negative factors that may provoke cancer. There are no energy-dense foods, consumption of red meat is reduced to the minimum, and every dish has a balanced combination of effective anticancer elements. Even the tradition of having wine during the dinner time has also a good effect. The wine contains flavonoids which are scientifically proved to be great anticancer agents. The wine is definitely alcohol and is not associated with a healthy way of life but if you take only a couple of glasses during a day it won’t harm you at all. In the Mediterranean diet due to the certain climate environment all year round you may please yourself with fresh, delicious and juicy plants that block the cancerous cells to divide chaotically, invade or suffocate other organs. Among these delights are: black raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, strawberries, grapes, orange, tomatoes, broccoli, various greens, fish and many others.

Shortly, to be healthy you must lead a healthy way of life and that kind of lifestyle can be certainly achieved with the Mediterranean diet.

Andrea Aurelio
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Andrea Aurelio adopted the Mediterranean diet and the Mediterranean way of living after evaluating a series of diets and realizing that the Mediterranean diet is a proven diet and the best way to adopt a healthy lifestyle. You can connect with him on Google+, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

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