Local Mediterranean Diet delicacies you should try

December 12, 2015

Due to large variability of the Mediterranean Diet, each local cuisine is filled with local delicacies that are exclusive to the region. Apart from the standard variations of common plates, local specific delicacies are something that should definitely be tried out. Listed below are some of the most well-known local delicacies, certainly worth trying/tasting. Trahanas […]

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12 Reasons to love Mediterranean diet

November 15, 2015
12 Reasons to love Mediterranean diet

Whenever someone is approached to try a new way of living you often heat the first question, WHY? Why should I adopt the Mediterranean Diet? It surely a surprise to us when people ask they should live a healthy life but nevertheless we tried to find some simple and logical reasons that you may use […]

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Mediterranean Diet on a budget

November 8, 2015
Med diet on a budget

One of the most remarkable aspects of Mediterranean diet is how cheap it can be to sustain you and your family while at the same time is probably the healthiest diet!  Although it varies from country to country and obviously fluctuates depending on product availability, Mediterranean diet can usually be achieved on a relatively low […]

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How to start your Mediterranean diet

November 5, 2015
How to start your Mediterranean Diet

Preparation Mediterranean diet is a very simple diet to follow if you are properly prepared. Usually centred around legumes and carbohydrate consumption such as potatoes as well as white meat and fruits and vegetables, a Mediterranean diet is easily accessible and can cater to all lifestyles. Main ingredients of Mediterranean diet include: Tomatoes Cucumbers Black […]

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Mediterranean diet for weight loss (part 2)

January 7, 2015
Mediterranean diet for weight loss

Losing weight seems to be a headache for a large percentage of the population. Very often people trying to lose weight quickly are desperate and turn to alternatives that are very likely to cause problems. At first it must be diagnosed by a specialist if there is indeed a weight problem/issue. The most popular tool […]

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Legumes in the Mediterranean Diet

November 16, 2014
Thumbnail image for Legumes in the Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean diet is the expression of healthy eating and protecting our body from chronic diseases, while fulfilling at the same time our daily needs in essential nutrients such as proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Moreover it offers a lot of minerals and vitamins. Legumes are a key component of the Mediterranean diet. The Mediterranean diet is […]

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Mediterranean diet and obesity

October 10, 2014
Mediterranean Diet and Obesity

Since the 1950s, the Seven Country Study suggested that the adoption of a mediterranean diet increases logevity, but may promote overweight and obesity. The Seven Country Study, which took place in Greece, United States, Italy, Holland, Yugoslavia, Finland and Japan, started at the end of the 1940s and attempted to examine the relation between diet […]

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Greek Salad: the Mediterranean diet on a plate

September 21, 2014
Greek salad the mediterranean diet on  plate for you and your family for a healthy life.

Greek salad is a traditional dish of Greek cuisine and is perfectly compatible with the Mediterranean diet, as a matter of fact is part of it!! Greek salad is known in most countries of the world by its name and is a popular dish for tourists in Greece. During summer months the Greek salad can […]

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Mediterranean diet for weight loss

September 8, 2014
Med diet & weight loss

The continuous increase in the rate of overweight and obese individuals necessitates the finding of an effective solution against obesity and its related problems such as diabetes, hypertension, and cardiovascular disease. Constantly new diets appear, that promise fast and impressive results, leading the world in exhausting procedures with immediate but temporary results, which often exacerbate the […]

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Summer Fruits of the Mediterranean and Mediterranean Diet!

July 17, 2014
summer fruits of the Mediterranean diet

We’re already in the middle of summer and the fruits of the Mediterranean are already ripe. There are many summer fruits in the Mediterranean diet. Their common trait is the intense presence of sugar and water, as well as their amazing taste, which makes them a true temptation. People who want to keep a healthy […]

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Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables: Welcome the Mediterranean Diet

July 3, 2014
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How would your holidays be while visiting a Mediterranean country? Except the hot days and sunny places, besides the golden beaches and the green-blue transparent waters, what would you eat? Well when we are thinking of the –upcoming- summer, first and foremost in our minds is the increased consumption of water, Mediterranean vegetables and fruits […]

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Mediterranean Gum – The Chios Mastic Gum -Mastiha

June 2, 2014

Chios mastic gum – or mastiha, as it is called in Greece – is a natural resin that is extracted from the trunk of a tree that grows in the Greek island of Chios, the mastic tree (Pistacia lentiscus var. Chia). It has and off-white/off-yellow color and is semi-transparent or completely transparent and it is […]

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Mediterranean diet : protection against asthma and allergy in children

May 19, 2014
Mediterranean Diet protects

The Mediterranean diet is a proven healthy eating pattern, contributing to a balanced diet and simultaneously it strengthens the immune system and health of the body. Τhis also applies to younger ages. The Mediterranean diet is a diet plan that is proposed in childhood, contributing both to better weight control and better health of children. […]

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