Olive Oil and high pressure

April 27, 2011

The oil, used in salads or cooking, affects our heart and pressure. When cooking, the heat changes the oil and creates substances that attach themselves to the food. The oil used repeatedly for frying releases polymers and polar compounds which are not the best nutritional substances for the body.

The more heating of oil the more unhealthy substances created. These substances stick to the food and then when you eat, congregate in the body.

What we are caused by unhealthy substances? In a survey of Spanish scientists examined samples of oil that was used for frying and volunteers measured blood levels of substances created by reusing the same oil for frying purposes. The results were interesting and proved once again the superiority of the Mediterranean diet.

People who had in their blood more polymers and polar compounds often had high pressure. This indicates that those who often use the same oil for frying, are more likely to have high blood pressure because unhealthy substances resulting from repeated heating oil, accumulate in their bodies. Those who repeatedly used Olive oil, a basic component of Med diet, for frying purposes had less unhealthy substances in their blood compared with those using other types of oils.

Olive Oil and high pressure2

This suggests that olive oil is more resistant when heated several times for frying purposes. Those who put more Olive oil in their foods, have less risk for high blood pressure. This benefit, however, decreased when the olive oil was used repeatedly for frying purposes.

Oil however, whether Olive Oil or other, should not be reused more than 2 to 3 times for frying purposes. Otherwise it may be cause of high pressure.

Those who consume Olive oil have less risk of high blood pressure. But despite the fact that olive oil is more resistant when rekindled for frying purposes, however this should be avoided in order not to lose the benefits it provides.

It is once again proved that Olive oil is a ‘’friend’’ of the human body and when consumed properly as part of our Mediterranean diet it is beneficial.

Andrea Aurelio
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Andrea Aurelio adopted the Mediterranean diet and the Mediterranean way of living after evaluating a series of diets and realizing that the Mediterranean diet is a proven diet and the best way to adopt a healthy lifestyle. You can connect with him on Google+, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

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