Mediterranean Diet & Greek yogurt: the recipe for good health

April 28, 2013

When you follow the Mediterranean Diet you are basically adopting a way of living, a healthy way of living. One of the basic components of the Mediterranean diet is Greek Yogurt. Healthy eating is one of the two pillars of the Mediterranean diet. The second pillar is physical exercise and the two pillars go along together and in harmony so as to lead us in a healthy life enjoying physical and mental health.

The Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean Diet is the diet followed by the Mediterranean nations for thousands of years and has been identified as the diet, way of living, which leads among others to less cardiovascular diseases and it is the right diet for weight loss and avoidance of Obesity.

Mediterranean diet is followed by all nations in the Mediterranean Sea with some slight variations but the diet of all is based on the Mediterranean diet food pyramid.  Mediterranean diet includes many healthy foods like fruits, vegetables, legumes, whole grain bread, pasta, fish, dairy products and others. Yogurt is part, and in fact a very basic component, of the Mediterranean diet and cuisine and an ingredient in many Mediterranean diet recipes. Yogurt can be found in the recipes and dietary habits of all the nations but there is one type of yogurt which was found to be the healthiest and tastier of all and this is the Greek Yogurt.

The Greek Yogurt

yogurtThe Greek yogurt is the most popular type of yogurt not only in the Mediterranean region but in the US as well. It gets its name from the way Greeks made yogurt, so when we refer to Greek yogurt except from the name of origin, we refer to the way of its preparation. Basically Greek yogurt is strained yogurt. The straining process involves the removal of the excess liquid known as whey. Along with the whey we remove the extra lactose and sugar but we keep the healthy proteins. At the same time the Greek yogurt acquires a smooth velvety texture and taste and this makes it the preferred yogurt of millions of people of any age, sex or color.

The recipe for good health

Greek yogurt is closely associated with good health, weight loss diet, healthy living and fitness. This is one reason that millions of Americans and many others around the world have included Greek Yogurt in their daily habits independently of whether they follow the Mediterranean diet of not. Greek yogurt is high in proteins and this cannot be ignored.

Greek yogurt can help you and your family to live a healthy life by protecting you from many 21st century diseases or by reducing the probability of their occurrence. Such diseases are: cardiovascular diseases, certain types of cancer, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases.

Greek yogurt also fights Belly fat. Recent studies have shown that consumption of Greek yogurt helps and speeds ups the burning of belly fat, reducing or eliminating fat belly in a natural and healthy way.

Why is Greek yogurt good for health?

One may wonder what is so ‘’magical’’ about Greek yogurt? Is Greek yogurt a wonder food? Greek yogurt contains many beneficial nutrients and substances, such as probiotic bacteria. These bacteria help the body fight cholesterol which has many beneficial effects. In addition Greek yogurt contains Proteins and Calcium.

Calcium is an essential mineral for the bone and teeth formation and health and despite of the fact that Greek yogurt loses some of its calcium due to the straining process, it still contains high quantities of Calcium and those amounts lost can be replaced with some add-ons to your healthy breakfast or snack. One of these add-ons can be almond nuts.

Greek yogurt is a great source of proteins. Proteins are needed by our body for many reasons and purposes. Proteins are essential for the muscles and their growth.

Greek yogurt contains beneficial and helpful for the body probiotic bacteria, such as Acidophilus with many health benefits for our body. These bacteria promote good health in the digestive and reproductive tract.

How and when do we eat Greek Yogurt?

Greek Yogurt is undoubtedly a source of positive energy and health for our body. The question is how and when do we eat Greek yogurt? In answering the ‘’when’’ question, Greek yogurt can be eaten frequently, as the Mediterranean diet pyramid dictates. The ‘’how’’ is up to the desire and taste of each individual. You may have Greek yogurt as breakfast or a snack, plain or with fruits, honey and nuts. The combinations are endless and the benefits to our health significant.

The Greek Yogurt Brands

There many Greek yogurt brands in the market with similar nutritional characteristics and benefits but you should be careful in brands which offer Greek yogurt in terms of taste and are not considered as real or authentic Greek yogurts since they do not follow the straining process but they artificially add the necessary nutrients and other substances so as to make their yogurt appear or taste as Greek Yogurt.

Greek Yogurt is definitely part of the Mediterranean diet and it is truly a healthy kind of food or snack. Mediterranean Diet is by itself the definition of a healthy diet. So by eating Greek yogurt as part of the Mediterranean diet we basically follow a healthy diet with many benefits and effects on the healthiness of our body and mind. Greek yogurt is actually the synonym of a healthy diet.

Andrea Aurelio
About the author

Andrea Aurelio adopted the Mediterranean diet and the Mediterranean way of living after evaluating a series of diets and realizing that the Mediterranean diet is a proven diet and the best way to adopt a healthy lifestyle. You can connect with him on Google+, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

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