Mediterranean Diet Improves your Sex Life

January 17, 2011

Mediterranean Diet, Med Diet in short, when followed, has short and long term effects on our health, fitness, psychology, well being and off course our sex life. Mediterranean diet is a way of life and it has been proven that it improves our well being and since sex is part of life it correspondingly improves our Sex Life.

It has been proven that you can improve your sex life by eating better and being more active and Mediterranean diet is all about eating better and healthier therefore improvement of the sex life is a norm.

Even though all the components of the Mediterranean diet have an effect on a healthier body, some have an increased effect on our sex life and pleasure than others.

Ripe Sliced Pomegranate Fruit with Seeds Isolated on White

Pomegranate one of the fruits in the Med diet, was considered, since the ancient times, a love fruit and its juice has high antioxidant qualities. These are the qualities which help to decrease arterial plaque, thus improving circulation and blood flow through the body and to off course the penis resulting to significant improvement in erection duration and hardness.

Mediterranean diet dictates that vegetables, fruits, beans, legumes and nuts are consumed daily. Studies on both men and women who followed the Med diet for over a year, showed that they had increase sex desire, reached to orgasm more frequently and had arousal more frequently than before. The results showed that nuts and especially oily type of nuts, like walnuts, had the most effect on improved sexual desire and pleasure.

Another component of the Mediterranean diet that helps and improves the sex lives of men and women around the world, is olive oil.  Olive oil contains antioxidants that decrease the chance of artery clocking thus improving the flow of blood thus enabling men to have successful and prolonged erections. Also Olive oil acts a means for slowing down aging thus prolonging the active sex life of both men and women.

It is well known that Mediterranean diet decreases the levels of cholesterol thus enabling the blood flow to increase. This blood flow increases also to the penis thus increasing the erectile capacity. It should be noted that in conjunction with the decrease of the cholesterol, being on the Mediterranean diet, there is an increase the levels of testosterone that are essential for a good sexual act. Women who follow the Med diet have increased sexual desire as opposed to women who have bad eating habits.

Even though Mediterranean diet is not highly correlated with fertility, it was found during studies that a high percentage of women who have undergone fertility treatment and were on the Mediterranean diet became pregnant at a higher rate versus others who had different and not so healthy eating habits. This increased fertility rate was attributed to the consumption of vegetables, vegetable oil and fish.

During research at several Universities in the US and UK, it was found that the child’s sex was highly correlated to the mother’s diet a few months prior to conception. The studies focused around the diet of the mother after it was observed that in the US and UK there was a small but steady decline of birth of boys over girls. After many years of studies, this decline was linked to the increased obesity and reduction of energy intake in the mother’s food. The studies showed that there was a high correlation of the type of breakfast the mothers had and the sex of their offspring. One observation showed that, Women who had cereal as breakfast gave birth to more sons!

After the studying the effects of the Mediterranean diet on our health and sex life, we see that Med diet not only helps and improves our sex life but improves fertility rate of women who undergo fertility treatment and gives and slight but not negligible precedence over the birth of boys Vs girls.

Andrea Aurelio
About the author

Andrea Aurelio adopted the Mediterranean diet and the Mediterranean way of living after evaluating a series of diets and realizing that the Mediterranean diet is a proven diet and the best way to adopt a healthy lifestyle. You can connect with him on Google+, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

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